Friday, 20 September 2013

'Syncopia' - a.Knackfuss AW13

Check out the video below from Belgian designer, 
a.Knackfuss, entitled ‘Syncopia’, directed by Laetitia Bica, set to a soundtrack by Fabian Van Eycken & Bishop Dust.
'Syncopia' is a compound word of ‘syncopation’, which refers to a disturbance or interruption in the regular flow of rhythm, and ‘Utopia’, a community or society possessing perfect qualities. 

The Knackfuss signature is an exploration of layers and prints, blending seamlessly with innovative fabrics and inventive cuts. The AW13 collection, also called 'Syncopia', draws inspiration from Ridley Scott’s film 'Blade Runner', most notably the character of Rachael, played by Sean Young, who exists in a kind of dystopia. 
It's a fusion of fantasy and futuristic vision, entangled with a nostalgia for classic style, reflected in protective volumes, such as quilted leather sleeves and sheer layers of clothing, across a colour palette ranging from vibrant purple to olive and grey (referencing giant gas clouds from deep space known as ‘nebulae’). Trippy psychedelic prints and yellow plaid also fuse into a collection strong on tomboyish silhouettes.

Images © Outlevel


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