Thursday, 19 September 2013

PAPA - "If You're My Girl, Then I'm Your Man"

Completely obsessed with LA-based band, PAPA, right now, fronted by former Girls drummer Darren Weiss and bassist Danny Presant.
The duo have released their latest track "If You're My Girl, Then I'm Your Man" which is like a fusion of 80s synth and rock meets The Killers, with its sweeping melodies and rich sound, complete with a "boy loves girl" vocal vulnerability.

Watch a 'trailer' for the single below (which is actually the entire song??), while visually you see both Weiss and Presant just, well, standing there and occasionally singing, talking or being kissed. It's basically the official video without actually being the official video.

“If You’re My Girl, Then I’m Your Man” is out to download via iTunes now, and the title of the song is a great example of the correct grammatical usage of you're and your (I can't believe there are STILL people who get it wrong, le sigh).


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