Friday, 23 August 2013

Official Video: Major Lazer - Scare Me

Imagine Major Lazer aka Diplo, coming to life as a non-cartoon super hero who was previously cryogenically frozen as a safeguard for the future, until he was nudged awake and told to sort out an evil warlord called General Rubbish, who appears to be rocking speakers as shoulder pads. 

Well imagine no more, because that's exactly how the new Brandon Dermer-directed video for Major Lazer's "Scare Me" plays out, featuring Hollyweird actor Terry Crews as Lazer's justice defending character (clad in a rather nifty beret), battling a series of villains alongside Knife Fight (played by actress Lauren London).  
The track, taken from Lazer's upcoming album "Free the Universe" also features cameo's by Peaches and Timberlee. 

Watch the rough 'n' tumble action below.


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