Friday, 16 August 2013

Official Video: Inc. - Angel

Image © 4AD

Formerly known as Teen Inc., Los Angeles-based duo Inc. are brothers Daniel and Andrew Aged, the voices behind the highly addictive 2013 album no world, which fuses their breathy, dark, deep and sexy vocals with sensual neo-R&B sounds, drawing comparisons with artists including Prince and D’Angelo.
If you like the hushed pre-club electro-Balearic beats of Ibiza as the sun sets while you drift-off into another dimension, then you'll fall in love with this duo like I have.

The no world album is available now featuring the divinely addictive track Angel, and check out the official video for it below - 'Rodeo Clowns' is directed by Ryan Kuhlman and shot in long-distance featuring the brothers running in slow-mo through the desert, until the end of the song when it zooms in and we see them in blotchy print dishevelled dungarees, pushing a tricycle and throwing a flaming guitar to the ground....I'm thinking this pair escaped from the circus.....



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