Thursday, 1 August 2013

Official Video: Brooke Candy - Dumb

Just in case you're at a pub quiz tonight and one of the questions happens to be 'Who is Brooke Candy?', here's a quick-fire bio.

Brooke is the LA stripper-turned-rapper from Grimes' iconic Genesis video who rallies her followers with statements like "next time they call you a slut, don't give a fuck", while channelling the look of a warrior-princess on a cyberpunk odyssey. In fact she's a self-proclaimed "Freaky Prince$.”
Having already featured on Charli XCX‘s “Cloud Aura” single, Brooke also makes an appearance on Kylie Minogue's upcoming album, and collaborated with menswear designer Alex Mattsson to perform the track "Dumb", at his recent SS14 catwalk show, in which she also wore Mattsson's first ever womenswear design customised just for her.

Now comes the official video for "Dumb", produced by Red Bull Catwalk Studio, which sees Brooke clad in that very design from Mattsson, which fuses his signature sci fi futurism gangster with rastafarian influences. The video is all kinds of dubstep meets stripper poles and dance floors with flashing lights. Malibu and Pineapple anyone?



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