Monday, 12 August 2013

Official Trailer: Carine Roitfeld's Mademoiselle C.

It's being tipped as the fashion documentary to end all fashion documentaries, and there you were thinking 'The Last Emporer' was the fashion documentary to end all fashion documentaries, starring 'Tanning Mom' Patricia Krentcil's face idol, Valentino.

But no.

Carine Roitfeld's upcoming Mademoiselle C will reveal what life is really like behind the scenes as one of the world's most iconic fashion editors, such as mignon's locked in sample cupboards crying, and she and Karl Lagerfeld surfing the Daily Mail's sidebar-of-shame over coffee, while sniggering at Kim Kardashian's 'If Laura Ashley made nightmares' gown at the Met Ball. 

Other designer heavyweights including Donatella Versace, Tom Ford and various fashwan people who are waaaay too busy to be nice, appear in the film which focuses on Roitfeld's latest baby, CR Fashion Book. Directed by Fabien Constant, the official trailer is full of ooh la la and teases us into what to expect when the film airs fully on 20 September at Cine Lumiere in London, ahead of the DVD release on the 30 September. 
Watch the trailer below.


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