Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Kim Gordon x Body/Head - "Actress"

Sonic Youth rock goddess (and one of the people on my most wanted interview list), Kim Gordon, has released "Actress", the first track taken from her band Body/Head's upcoming album, "Coming Apart".
The track is a noisy fusion of Gordon's vocals with bandmate and free-noise guitarist Bill Nace, giving us a taster of what to expect when the LP arrives later next month.

You should also look out for an exhibition of Gordon's art work at New York's White Columns gallery next month entitled "Design Office with Kim Gordon – Since 1980." The gallery hosted her first solo exhibition back in 1981, and this latest collection of her visual observations will include paintings, sculptures, videos and photographs all taken from that era, along with some of her more recent work. Gordon will also debut a new solo recording during the exhibition which runs from September 7 - October 19.


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