Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Dr. Martens AW13 - #StandForSomething

Image © Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens have long been making a style statement - from their early roots as the footwear choice for blue-collar workers, through to the rebellious mohawked youth of late 70s London who hailed them as an anti-fashion statement - the boot is a style staple among edgy sub-cultures and individual tribes.

From Pete Townshend of The Who donning his first pair in the 60s when the boots and shoes were transformed from a working class essential to a counter-cultural footwear icon; to the goth, grunge and Brit pop movements; and you, me and just about every celebrity cushioning our feet in a pair - the boot has become a blank canvas on which generations the world over have stamped their own unique personality.

Which is why the brand is now celebrating how its wearers bring the designs to life, with the new AW13 'Stand For Something' campaign.

Check out the official campaign film below, and unsurprisingly the message is loud and clear that Dr.Martens stand for non-conformity, it's D-I-Y all the way baby.

The #SFS campaign also fuses fashion and music with a host of gigs taking place across the UK, and if you rock up in your very own pair of DM's to one of the shows, you may just rock back home with a prize.
For more info, head HERE.


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