Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Magical Place - Beatrix Ost x Columbine Goldsmith

This is a beautifully shot film which explores the avant-garde country estate of textile entrepreneurs Beatrix Ost and Ludwig Kuttner, presenting their 19th century Edwardian ranch in deepest Virginia which they found after placing a pendulum on a map of America. 

German-born Ost, also a writer and painter, came to my attention as one of the eclectic muses/subjects for photographer Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style blog, and for this film made for NOWNESS.com, she's lensed by filmmaker and fashion/portrait photographer Columbine Goldsmith.
Living between New York and Paris, Goldsmith's imagery holds an ethereal quality to it, perfectly capturing light in a magical and charming way. With styling by Polina Aronova featuring pieces by Thom Browne, watch the film below.


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