Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Worshipping Karl's Ponytail - Fashion x Religion

Just because there are fashion fanatics who believe Karl Lagerfeld is actually God with a ponytail, a new 4-hour documentary about the reigning fashion lord and throne-owner at Chanel, is to be screened next month in Germany.

Despite looking like someone you would expect to see walking through a shadowy Parisian alley at night, cackling in German before he creeps up on you, Lagerfeld is actually a hugely influential fashion phenomenon, once proclaiming himself a "fashion Pope".

Exploring the relationship between fashion and religion, journalist Martina Neuen has examined the parallels between style obsessives and religious fanatics, researching how shoppers who worship at the Church of Chanel are similar to those who display the same passion for their religious beliefs and authorities. 

Following the designer around for 16 months, (I wonder if she ever saw his eyes?), Neuen documents the creative director's work and personal life, presenting an unsettling look at the levels that fashion fanaticism can reach - another words, if you were seen outside Chanel's Paris Fashion Week show frantically trying to convince a PR that your name should be on the guest list (aka lying), and later seen crying into your fake 2.55, you will probably appear in this documentary.

The film will air on September 7 and will also feature interviews with Chanel clothes horses Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista, as well the legend that is Suzy Menkes.


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