Friday, 12 July 2013

VIDEO: The xx - Sunset (Jamie xx Edit)

Image - Lizzy Mercier Descloux, 1979

So I'm currently out of the UK for a music festival, but I just had to post this video which popped up in my inbox this morning - the xx have released a remix of Sunset, a track taken from their 2012 Coexist album.

The remix is courtesy of Jamie xx and this video is just completely brilliant! - mixing their new song over old YouTube footage, it features singer Lizzy Mercier Descloux on French TV show "Midi Première" in 1979, throwing some serious dance moves along to her song Fire - watch the original version HERE which also features a split-second cameo by late French singer / songwriter Serge Gainsbourg, the provocateur notorious for his voracious appetite for alcohol, cigarettes, and women.

But back to the xx's version, and not only is Lizzy's dancing completely mesmerising (my friend and I just stared at this video without talking for the entire 6:21 minutes) - but it also features her wearing a black and white 'Malevich' inspired suit - Malevich being the Russian avant-garde painter who pioneered geometric abstract art.
Lizzy was also a pioneering force in her own right, introducing avant-garde rock and the worldbeat genre to France.

Watch the video below, and if this doesn't make you dance into the weekend, I don't know what will! 


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