Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sshh! - Madonna x Steven Klein #SecretProject

Image © Steven Klein

So you've probably read by now that Madonna and long-time collaborator Steven Klein are working on a mysterious #SecretProject together, so secret that nobody really knows what it's about.

Apart from the two B&W teaser vids which have been unveiled - one featuring prison torture, masks, guns, dancers in their undergarments, an extreme close-up of Madonna's eyeball, and a handcuffed woman with blonde hair being thrown into a jail cell (maybe it's Lady Gaga finally being arrested for stealing Madonna's career). 

The second video, which has just been released, shows a group of dancers, some sitting, some standing, motionless as if someone just pressed the pause button in musical chairs during Vogue.
In this second teaser you also hear a Madge voiceover in which she talks about freedom of expression, democracy, and how she has an insatiable desire to start a revolution. Well, she was the woman who introduced cone bras that could take an eye out and underwear as outerwear after all.

Klein's previous projects with Madonna include numerous editorial shoots, photography and creative direction on the Re-Invention, Celebration and Sticky & Sweet tour books and DVD's, and the cover shots for the Hard Candy and Confessions on a Dance Floor albums.
This latest collaboration fuses a similar dark and chilling aesthetic as The Beast Within video, which was used in the 2004 Re-Invention Tour, featuring imagery from Klein and Madonna's 2003 X-STaTIC PRO=CeSS installation. In the video Madonna's voice can be heard reciting various passages from the New Testament's Book of Revelation. I still LOVE this!

But back to the #SecretProject, and I'm still no closer to figuring out what it actually is, and neither will you after watching the two official trailers below. But what you will see is Madonna continuing to look like her face is still stuck in 1990 along with Breathless Mahoney, which is why dating a barely legal boy dancer and working out for 29 hours a day IS good for you.


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