Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Jay-Z's 99 Problems, including Beard Envy

Image © Ali Graham

Just because I'm completely addicted right now to Jay-Z's latest album offering, Magna Carta Holy Grail, an email with the header "Hey, check out Jay-Z's 99 problems" is obviously going to grab my attention.

Containing a link to illustrator Ali Graham's Tumblr, I discovered a visual imagining of what the rapper's 99 daily problems could possibly be (and no, a bitch ain't one) - but gum on his shoe, a tricky crossword, a broken umbrella (ella ella) and beard envy are!

You can check out Ali's humorous and brilliant cartoon predicaments HERE.

And just because this post is a Jay-Z love-in, check out this fan-made video on YouTube for my second favourite track on the album (after Tom Ford, obviously), On The Run (Part II) which features Beyo.... LOVE THIS! 


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