Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fashion on Film: Running Out Of Time x Couture by Dean Freeman

What do you get if you mix fashion, freedom and desire?

This film below from Dean Freeman, a director / photographer who fuses sophisticated portraiture with his acerbic observation of human nature.

Entitled 'Running Out of Time', the short film is produced by Ridley Scott Associates and stars model Amanda Viola in Dior and Valentino couture, on the run from something or someone? After charging headstrong through the streets of LA, she eventually breaks into a lavish Hollywood French chateau-style mansion and helps herself to the owners clothes and lipstick, before going on the run again. 

I love the bleak and chilling soundtrack which is totally Vangelis-meets-Bladerunner-like, but if I do have just one slight issue with this film, it's that after she steals the homeowner's beautiful vintage hat, she tosses it into the bushes in a dusty canyon! What a waste of a good hat, that's a fashion fail right there. 

Watch the film below.


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