Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Fashion on Film: Odditory x Monica Menez #BerlinFashionFilmFestival

Proving that Berlin has become an international hub for all those creatives who like to express themselves, often in more unconventional ways - here is quite possibly one of the strangest fashion films I've seen - "Odditory" from photographer and filmmaker Monica Menez has just won the award for 'Best Fashion Film 2013' at the recent Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

The short tale features a mix of male and female models taking on the role of students getting up to all sorts of weird behaviour in a lecture theatre. From bottom slapping and sexualising balloons as a pair of breasts, to clapping pork chops together and hitting themselves on the head with a shoe - the film cleverly draws you in to the unfolding madness while also directing your eyes to the fashion on display. Although the first thing I noticed were the badly styled wigs - there must be quite a few charity shop windows across Berlin with mannequins missing their hair.

Set to a soundtrack by Yo van Lenz and HearDis!, watch the film below.


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