Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Book: Levi's 501 Interpretations

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish - Image © Levi's

From its early roots as the staple denim of the Wild West pioneers, Levi's has become a global fashion force with its core aesthetic sewn into the heart of American culture. From cowboys and ranch hands; early screen icons such as James Dean, Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen; mods and hippies, and contemporary faces including Johnny Depp, Gwen Stefani and Rihanna - the Levi's fan base has transgressed generations, gender and genres, with the signature 501 button-fly jean worn and re-imagined more than any other jean design in the world, establishing the cultural significance of the brand, ultimately defined by the wearer.

Dubbed ‘Fashion Item of the 20th Century’ by Time Magazine, whether they're turned up or cut-off, a pair of Levi's is both the heart and mind of any wardrobe, 
adopted by countless generations and subcultures.

Earlier this year, as part of a celebration of 140 years of the brand, the label's creative team invited denim obsessives everywhere to submit photos of themselves online, showcasing their personal style and the versatility of the Levi’s 501 design. Many fashion and celebrity notables were also photographed, including designer Christopher Raeburn and actress Kate Bosworth.
The best and most unique interpretations were selected and curated for a new limited edition book featuring 501 images, entitled 501® Interpretations. And just because it's all about 501 right now, there will only be 501 copies available, each one with a different cover.

The book will be released at the end of July at selected Flagship stores, but in the meantime check out this video below, which tells the story of the 501 jean from its first outing in 1873 to the present day.


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