Friday, 28 June 2013

Her Royal Harness - Colour Me #OneToWatch

Emotionally potent and infectiously haunting, just two of the ways to describe the debut LP from electro-synthesist duo, Her Royal Harness.
Comprising of Norwegian singer-songwriter Helene Jaeger and London producer-instrumentalist Dylan Long, "The Hunting Room", which was released on June 24th, is for all the alternative romanticists out there, who also like a bit of genre-busting pop.

Their unique sound fuses many different styles from a clash of eras, produced with an equally eclectic mix of equipment, but still manages to sound minimalist, with a heavy lean towards a dark and atmospheric 80s feel. 

If you don't already love this band, you will do!

Listen to the duo's latest track "Colour Me" HERE and you should also check out their Tumblr, I'm officially addicted to it already.


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