Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Flooding The Streets With Art - The "Art Everywhere" Project

'Pardaxin' - Damien Hirst, 2004

Flooding the streets with art is so hot right now.
Globetrotting French street artist JR's "Inside Out" project invited people from all over the world to paste portrait posters of themselves in a public space in their home cities; and Australian street artist James Reka is decorating buildings and walls across the world with his mix of bold, colourful, abstracted surrealist urban graffiti.
So it's about time the UK joined the movement, with a new initiative from Richard Reed, co-founder of the Innocent Drinks brand, and the brainchild behind 'Art Everywhere' - a nationwide exhibition which will run from August 10th to 25th, and will see super-sized reproductions from 50 of the UK's most prominent artists on display throughout the country.

Artists involved in the project include Damien Hirst, who said: “Art is for everyone, and everyone who has access to it will benefit from it. This project is amazing and gives the public a voice and an opportunity to choose what they want to see on their streets.“

'Art Everywhere' will turn billboards and other public spaces into giant outdoor galleries, giving everyone a chance to see (and instagram no doubt) iconic works.
You can visit the official website to 'Like' and vote for your favourite piece of artwork from June 21st, with the most popular entries being chosen for the final 50. For more info, head HERE.

Be part of the movement, heart art! 


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