Friday, 31 May 2013

Thierry Mugler... Changes Name and Launches Glam Sci-Fi Cabaret!

So just in case you didn't already know, designer Thierry Mugler has done a 'Prince', and renamed himself - but unlike the artist formerly known as Prince, who opted for a symbol in the 90s (which was actually the sign for androgyny), Thierry is now the Mugler formerly known as Mugler, now known as Manfred Mugler. Still with me?

Having recently returned to his fashion roots as creative advisor at Mugler after the departure of Nicola Formichetti - a move which will see the brand integrating its fashion and fragrance divisions - Mugler (as in Manfred), is now launching his own stage cabaret-revue.

An extravaganza 'featuring his signature blend of glamour and sci-fi’, the show will 
premiere at the Théâtre Comédia in Paris in December, and tells the tale of a young woman seeking inner balance. Falling into unpredictable and unusual encounters, she 'finds' herself, and later with her new found inner strength, eventually transforms into a 'sublime and blooming creature.'
Hands up if you're now humming the song, "I've been to Paradise, but I've never been to me."

The show will be a visual and sensory experience fusing Mugler's iconic mix of sexy fantasy and eroticism, 'transporting the public into a swirl of emotions' (as the website promises). 

Imagine quaffing champers and practising your best Français on the waiters while acrobats, dancers, models and singers perform around you. Ooh la la! 
I can't wait to be at the opening press night, meaning, I better be at the opening press night, (thank you Mugler PR)

For more info on Mugler's Follies, head HERE.

All Images © Manfred T. Mugler, 2013


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