Friday, 24 May 2013

DJ Cam x We Cross The Line - He's Got Them Moves Like MJ

We've all thrown down some shapes at one time or another to an MJ song - in fact the very first time I got drunk on Blue Curacao at my Auntie's wedding (I was 12, it was the late 80s, people didn't care then), was to Jacko's "Billie Jean", and bless the DJ for playing it 2 more times for a bunch of giggly, swaying bridesmaids.

And then there was the time my friends and I all stayed up late to watch the premiere of "Remember the Time" on MTV (back when MTV just played videos), and proceeded to circle-slide ourselves around the living room.....
Anyway, proving that MJ's moves will never die, a team of Belgian and Italian film-makers who go by the name of We Cross the Line, have created a documentary-style video following Italian MJ-fan Emiliano Fiacchi, who lives for the King of Pop and transforms himself into the King of Pop, every day. 

In fact, next time you're in Rome, look out for Emiliano, who can often be seen OW!-ing his way around streets (and in the middle of the road), encouraging passers by to join in celebrating the moves of Michael - that's when he's not popping into the nearest fast food joint for a burger and fries.

This is probably the first time you'll ever see the 'Moonwalk' accompanied by a belly bulge under a white tee. Not very MJ really.
So it's quite apt that the backing track to this video is DJ Cam's "Uncomfortable" (Reflex Remix), because that's exactly how I feel when I see fans like Emiliano. But hey, 10 out 10 to him for all the hat throwing and high-leg kicks in the middle of the Piazza del Popolo, instagram must just love him!

Watch the video below.




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