Thursday, 9 May 2013

Camila Grey x Motion CNTRL - "Rolling Shallow"

It's always interesting when I receive random emails with audio links telling me I should "listen to this, it's amazing, and please feature it on your site!!". Usually that means it won't feature on my site.

However, today one link has caught my attention, a new remix of an old track from LA-based duo Motion CNTRL by Camila Grey - one half of the band Uh Huh Her, the half that always manages to pull off that 'I-just-threw-on-whatever-was-on-the-floor-meets-dishelleved-rock-chick' look perfectly. She also pouts more than me, if that's possible.

Motion CNTRL are singer/songwriter Allyce and singer/producer LHMV (not to be confused with LVMH as in Louis Vuitton) and their sound is a fusion of electro beats, haunting harmonies and 80s style pop.

I actually prefer the original version of "Rolling Shallow" (listen to that HERE) but check out the Camila Grey Remix below, it's sexy synth all over. 


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