Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Artists Interpret 'The Many Faces of Bowie' in New London Exhibition

Image © Opera Gallery London - Mr Brainwash 'Bowie Triptych'

London is in the midst of a 'Bowiefest' right now - from the V&A's 'David Bowie Is' exhibition which pays homage to the ultimate style chameleon and icon who made lightning bolt face painting cool - to the explosion of 70s and 80s Bowie-inspired rock tees on the high street.
The 'Thin White Duke' is a timeless icon who continues to inspire generations, and now a new collection of contemporary art celebrating his influence and impact on popular culture is to go on display at Opera Gallery London.

Featuring various artists' personal interpretations of ‘Bowie Mania’, the exhibition will fuse a variety of styles across various mediums including painting, sculpture and multimedia - all of which highlight and pay tribute to the various stages of Bowie's career.
Artists on display will include Andre Monet, DFace, Joe Black, Eduardo Guelfenbein, Nick Gentry, Marco Lodola, The London Police and rebel street artist Mr Brainwash, who has immortalised Bowie's alter ego Ziggy Stardust in a work entitled ‘Bowie Triptych’.

Image © Opera Gallery London - Marco Lodola, 'Aladdin' (lightbox)

'The Many Faces of Bowie' opens at Opera Gallery London on June 21st and will run until August 31st, 2013. For more info, head HERE.


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