Friday, 5 April 2013

Warhol's Iconic Anti-Films at London's ICA

If you've nothing particularly interesting planned for this coming weekend, then get yourselves down to London's ICA (those of my readers that live in London of course, otherwise, er, jump on a plane?) - as the ICA are set to run three art house classics by pop artist Andy Warhol.

Restored by The Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art, the films on show include Chelsea Girls (1966), Vinyl (1965) and Sleep (1963), all of which were taken from the visual and cultural pioneer's archive of 600 films, most of which were made during the 1960s when Warhol was heavily into experimenting with celluloid.

Along with the films expect to hear soundtracks by The Kinks and The Rolling Stones, along with appearances by iconic fashionistas, writers, artists, musicians and creatives of the era including Edie Sedgwick, Brigid Berlin, Marie Menken and the poet John Giorno, who slept through most of his role. No wonder these flicks were labelled "anti-films" due to the fact that they challenged traditional cinematic convention.

The Warhol on Film season is at the ICA from tonight (Friday 5) until Sunday 7. For more info head HERE.


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