Thursday, 18 April 2013

MUST LISTEN: All About She - "Bullet" featuring VV Brown.

Image © Nephew London, 2013

After being locked away in a studio for the past two years working on new material, not to mention starting her own independent record label, YOY Records - singer VV Brown is back, and better than ever.

With a darker and more electronic infused sound inspired by musical visionaries such as Bjork and Kate Bush, Brown is also visually upping her game with a stronger and more strikingly avant-garde aesthetic, creatively and artistically driven by her.

With her sophomore album "Samson and Delilah" penned for a September release, and a new single entitled "Samson" out on July 14, Brown showcased some of her new tracks at an intimate secret gig in London last night.
She also features on new track "Bullet" by All About She, the London-based trio made up of vocalist Vanya Taylor and producers James Tadgell and Jon Clave, who have worked with artists including Tinie Tempah and Wizkid.
"Bullet" is due for release on April 28 - check out the single's YouTube premiere below.


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