Monday, 8 April 2013

Fatal Flaw - Daphne Guinness x SHOWstudio

Images © Nick Knight / SHOWstudio

Ask me why I think Daphne Guinness deserves the accolade of "style icon", and I'll tell you that she's a creative force with a fearless curiosity for adorning herself in the most extreme of fashion and accessories - which is why the heiress and artist's dark, imaginative, eccentric and inventive exploration of style is visually ground-breaking, providing a human platform for designers to be inspired by and create for.

From acting as a muse to designers including the late Alexander McQueen - a relationship made in avant-garde heaven - to her personal collection of extraordinary couture being displayed at New York's FIT Museum in 2012 - Guinness has also now turned her (most probably armoured gloved) hand to music.

In collaboration with SHOWcabinet - a bookshelf-like cabinet curated in SHOWstudio's physical space which sees a different artist, creative or designer on display every month alongside related art works, objects and garments - Guinness has released a limited edition 7 inch vinyl featuring exclusive artwork by SHOWstudio's director, Nick Knight.
The track itself, penned by Guinness and written / produced by Pat Donne, is a haunting mix entitled "Fatal Flaw" and is released as part of a run of 500 copies, each priced at £100 - the artwork alone (pictures above) should make you head straight to the SHOWstudio shop to buy it.

Long-time collaborators Knight and Guinness are also pairing up for the official short film for "Fatal Flaw" - expect to see that right here on this very website soon. In the meantime check out a behind-the-scenes image from filming below.

Image © Nick Knight / SHOWstudio Twitter


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