Thursday, 25 April 2013

Elsie x Billie Ray Martin - "Your Loving Arms"

"Your Loving Arms" video stills - Images © Billie Ray Martin

You know I like to champion new music and emerging artists on this website, so check out the audio below from rising UK singer Elsie, which is her take on the 1995 club hit "Your Loving Arms" by Billie Ray Martin - Martin you'll recall was the former Electribe 101 vocalist once dubbed
 "the Marlene Dietrich of techno" by Select Magazine, famed for her dark mix of electro-dance-soul and her highly stylised avant-garde aesthetic which once graced the cover of i-D magazine.

I don't think anyone can top the original by Martin, but Elsie's version is definitely worth a listen - no 'techno techno techno' this time though, instead it's a raw, stripped back vibe which builds into a full-on rock-chick anthem which reminds me of Amelia Lily, the Haim girls and Kelly Clarkson all rolled into one.

Check it out below.


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