Friday, 15 March 2013

Vive le Punk: 'Expose' Punk Rock Tees by Westwood Re-Issued for Byronesque

If there is any website that knows about vintage punk fashion, it's the combined editorial and e-commerce online emporium known as Byronesque, which sources items from London, Paris and New York, most of which are over 20-years old.

The site is now collaborating with Contemporary Wardrobe, a specialist hire company which supplies vintage couture and streetwear for TV and film, to re-issue some of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood's iconic “Expose Punk Rock Sex" tees - one of which include the iconic Seditionaries ‘Tits’ t-shirt, worn recently by mod-of-the-moment, Cara Delevingne, during fashion week. 

The tee designs include King Kong masturbating (perhaps not the best choice for dress-down day at the office), which features Russ Meyer-inspired lettering, as McLaren and Meyer collaborated on the film project “Who Killed Bambi.” And another design named “Snow White & The Sr Punks,” which sees Snow White having sex with the seven dwarfs - I'm surprised Grumpy didn't cheer up after that? 

The exclusive garments are a showcase to preview an upcoming editorial series named “Vive le Punk", where Byronesque will feature real punks from past and present along with a fusion of music and fashion of the genre. The project will include an intimate interview with Westwood herself, hailed as the "Queen of punk" for revolutionising the fashion industry with her risqué and provocative creations which broke the rules of convention and inspired a generation.


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