Friday, 22 March 2013

"Devouring Art" - G-Star RAW x Rie Rasmussen for Vs. Magazine

Danish model / artist / filmmaker Rie Rasmussen has directed a short film for 
Vs. Magazine which tells the tale of a young, ambitious painter, hungry for artistic inspiration - so hungry that she breaks into a gallery and devours the art on display. 
Consumed and passionately seduced by the paintings, sculptures and rawness of creativity that surrounds her, boundaries begin to blur and real vs. the unreal become indistinguishable. 
Set to a gritty, sexy music score by my constant girl crush, Marie de Villepin of PINKMIST, this film is a stylish fusion of fashion, art and music. 

"Devouring Art" is a collaboration with G-Star RAW and you can watch the teaser below. For the full film, head HERE


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