Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Viktoria Modesta for Ada Zanditon AW13

What do you get if you mix singer-songwriter and fashion muse Viktoria Modesta with Ada Zanditon’s AW13 collection and the streets of London?

Answer: The video below, which features Modesta catwalkin' like nobody is watchin' as she struts around central London clad in Zanditon's garb (which premiered at Berlin Fashion Week), with styling by Alexis Knox. Set to the track 'Take Your Shades Off' by Venice Calypso, the vid was primarily aired to run alongside London Fashion Week which has just ended - so I'm dedicating this video to the usual fashion throng of people who turn up in a mish mash of the 80s through to the noughties (with maybe a slight acid trip along the way) just to be papped by street style photographers - the same people you see dragging their poor Mums / friends/ dogs around behind them holding their sainsbury's carrier bags full of normal clothes to change into in the toilets afterwards. You catwalk like EVERYONE is watchin' baby!

Check out 'Take Your Shades Off' below with the stunning Latvian-born Viktoria, who is also pop's bravest chanteuse after making the transition into modelling despite having her leg amputated as a child. This season's LFW frows loved her.
You can also check out Zanditon's full AW13 collection HERE.



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