Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tilda Swinton, Saskia de Brauw & Andrej Pejíc In A David Bowie Video-Fest

We all know that David Bowie fell to Earth in a space-age jumpsuit alongside his alien planet twin Tilda Swinton, so of course it makes absolute sense that they've now made a video together - or rather, Swinton is starring in the video for Bowie's next single release "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)."

It's like all your most androgynous fantasies rolled into one, as the Thin White (and now much older) Duke and his actress doppelganger play an elderly couple annoyed by a younger and wilder celeb couple, played by models Saskia de Brauw and Andrej Pejíc (see, told you it was an androgyny-fest) as the young carefree pair intrude on the oldies life. Or as the press release says, 'The story captures a twenty first century moment in its convergence of age, gender and the normal/celebrity divide'.

Directed by music video visual artist Floria Sigismondi (Katy Perry, Marilyn Manson), with cinematography by Jeff Cronenweth (Fight Club), the video is an opportunity to see Swinton channelling her inner drag-queen in a wig that wouldn't look out of place on any of the contestants in RuPaul’s Drag Race. As for the song, it's totally '80s Bowie and completely reminds me of my fav ever Bowie tunes, "China Girl" and "Let's Dance", so I LOVE THIS!!

The Stars (Are Out Tonight) is released digitally today (February 26), and will also be physically released as part of Record Store Day on April 20 - and after you've watched the vid, check out this 'TildaStardust' Tumblr, which is dedicated to the 'belief that Tilda and Bowie are one person'. Genius.



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