Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Vice Squad: What Is Vice?

If you've never heard of Vice or Vice Magazine (which I truly doubt), then watch this video below, made in collaboration with HBO, from VICE Season 1, entitled “What Is Vice?”. 
The short film explores how the 'Vice' movement has for years provided the masses with images which balance an economic and social context, and which challenge boundaries of taste, such as in-yer-face nudity, drugs, war and death - something the mainstream media view as deliberately provocative.
Founded in 1994, Vice has now evolved into a global empire, complete with its own web-based television channel, fashion range, online store, photo tomes and record label. 
The company's Media agency (Vice Media) also recently bought subversive Brit magazine i-D in a move that intends to create a video-driven fashion channel which will take it further into the digital realm with 'mind-blowing content'. 

As Global Editor / Director Andy Capper told The Independent in 2008 when describing Vice, "We are bored and disenchanted by what is served up to our generation. And this is the antidote."
But what else does the future hold....? 


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