Thursday, 14 February 2013

Identity & Beauty: Monsters In Fashion

No, before you think Lady Blah Blah and her wardrobe invasion of insanity, I don't mean that type of little monster - monsters in fashion actually refers to a new exhibition that's just opened in Paris showcasing monstrous imaginings within fashion and costume design.
Around 80 characters from the catwalk are on display in the most avant-garde collection of pieces which include creations by Alexander McQueen and Rick Owens, all of which explore our conceptions on identity and beauty.

First shown at Benaki Museum in Athens, "ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion" is a fusion of the unnerving and the strangely seductive.

ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion runs until April 7, 2013 at La Gaîté Lyrique, 3 bis rue Papin, Paris.


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