Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hosted By David Beckham's Cheeks - #BeckhamforHM

I'm guessing that right about now, your Twitter feed, Facebook page, Tumblr and Pinterest dashboards, inbox, postbox, wholeentirelifeinabox, horsebox, chocolate box (you get my drift) are all filled with the news of David Beckham in not very much clothing for H&M, again.

After launching a line of undergarments and loungewear for the Swedish retailer last year, the footballer is back to promote his bodywear line, appearing in a new short film directed by Guy Ritchie. I had the pleasure of seeing an exclusive screening of it with H&M at London's Soho Hotel last night, and it was so good, we watched it twice (ahem).

The ad sees Becks running around in his boxer briefs and slippers through bedrooms and gardens in Beverly Hills, eventually coming face to face with a bus full of sight-seeing tourists, and will officially air on Channel 4 tonight after 10pm.
Beckham himself is also taking over the @hm Twitter feed throughout the course of today including an hour-long live Q&A. If you want to take part, such as asking him, does Posh EVER smile?, you can send your question to @hm and use the hashtag #AskBeckham.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the Bodywear range features new colours including red and blue trims, and underwear in utility tones. Check out some of the pieces below:

All Images © H&M Europe, 2013

I think Guy and H&M missed a trick with this film - they should've filmed it in Paris (with Becks signing for Paris St Germain last week), and asked Posh to make a cameo, as the pair chase each other around the city of loooooooove before fighting it out over the last macaron at Ladurée. It would've been funny just to see Posh running for carbs.

Anyway, as my male assistant said to me after watching the ad on YouTube for the 18th time today, 'David Beckham and clothes were definitely not made to go together.'
See for yourself below:


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