Thursday, 28 February 2013

Get Your Masks Out! David Bowie for NME

Image © Jimmy King / NME, 2013

I don't know if David Bowie was intending to channel part Michael Myers meets every magician's standard stage mask for the cover of NME, but he did. I bet we're missing some serious eyebrow action going on under there too.

The image was shot by longtime Bowie-collaborator Jimmy King, exclusively for the cover of the music magazine which is on shelves now.
I'm thinking Bowie should hook up with Kanye West who also has a penchant for wearing masks, turning up in 2012 in two Maison Martin Margiela creations - one of which was a face full of rhinestones and the other a face full of feathers and Yeti. He also rocked up at the MMM couture show earlier this year in a red ski mask. Make of that what you will (clue, there is nothing to make of that).

But hey, at least there are two upsides to Kanye's mask wearing. 1) It distracts us from looking at the clothes he's wearing (word up Kanye, you definitely can't rock a man-skirt). And 2) a face full of whatever is much better than seeing Kanye's bare face.


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