Monday, 25 February 2013

Furella De Vil....? Fashion In Death

*Insert awkward face here* as I bring you this video from Brighton based conceptual artist, Jess Eaton, the brains behind controversial but ethical fashion brand Roadkill Couture.
I say 'awkward face' if you're squeamish that is, and also don't believe in eating or wearing anything that once barked, roared, mooed, oinked, croaked and in recent cases, neighed.
If you've not yet heard of Eaton, she sources bones, pelts and feathers from animals which have been accidentally killed, died from natural causes, or been donated or bought from a butcher, and constructs them into unique garments. Eaton's vision is to celebrate nature and fuse its beauty with expert craftsmanship to make wearable pieces, while also re-defining what sustainability can mean. 
Her work is particularly newsworthy at a time when fur is creeping back into the headlines and on to the world's catwalks - from Altuzarra and Alexander Wang at New York Fashion Week to Fendi and Marni at Milan's recent shows - although I'm not sure Eaton's 'rat jacket' or 'feral cat fur cape' would go down too well with the glamour-filled frows.

'Crow Collar' - Image © Kenny McCracken Studios

Anyone who regularly reads my work will know I'm into anything a little dark and off-the-wall, so obviously I've followed Eaton since her catwalk showcase at Brighton Fashion Week in 2011. 
I also think some of her designs are similar to the striking theatrics of Galliano and the late Alexander McQueen, particularly in his fascination for birds and feathers. I draw the line at wearing any of it though, but I'm strangely drawn to the discreet service Eaton offers to immortalise owners beloved pets as a stylistically mounted skeleton or carved skull after they die.

Watch some behind
-the-scenes footage of how the designer views the cycle of life and offers us an opportunity to marvel at its beauty, even in death.


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