Monday, 4 February 2013

Blow-Up: Meet Graffiti Artist JR

Chiang Mai, Thailand - Image © JR, 2013

If you've not already heard of urban activist, photographer and graffiti artist, JR, then read on. 

In 2010 he released a film which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival entitled "Women Are Heroes", which documented women from Sierra Leone, Sudan, Liberia, Brazil, Kenya, India and Cambodia, and explored their tales of heroism through hardship. A book of portraits featuring the women was also released last year.

Now as part of filmmaker Matt Black's Reflections series, the artist discusses "Inside Out', his latest global art project in which he encourages people to transform their messages of personal identity into works of art - using art to "turn the world inside out". The project involves pasting large B&W photographs/portraits on to buildings, bridges and anywhere else they can be seen - basically making a city "the biggest art gallery in the world".

Watch the film below courtesy of NOWNESS:


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