Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Work Avoidance Wednesday: Pet Shop Boys "Domino Dancing"

Thanks to my friend and a bottle (make that bottles) of Sauv Blanc last night, my brain did a rewind to 1988 and The Pet Shop Boys "Domino Dancing" played at full volume - and before you ask, yes I was sashaying around a kitchen stool because I was the kind of drunk where you forget how to open a bottle of wine, so you just lick the glass and dance instead. That drunk.

Anyhoo, after 15 coffees and a full fat muffin this morning, my hungover eyes searched the internet and found the video for "Domino Dancing" because 1) I'm trying to avoid doing any work, and 2) it features two cute guys who are supposed to be swooning over the same girl, but we all knew they were both secretly swooning over each other and couldn't wait to share their collection of kitten T-shirts. Or as Jim Farber writing in Rolling Stone magazine put it in 1989, "the video exemplified the mainstream exploitation of gay sex in the Eighties, most evident in Calvin Klein ads and feature films like Top Gun. Unfortunately, "Domino Dancing" was every bit as dishonest, titillating the straight world with images it could never acknowledge, then doubling the repression by keeping openly gay expression closeted."
Anotherwords, it was probably one of the most homoerotic vids ever made.

As I kept slurring last night, this song still sounds sooooooo good, and the vid is the perfect excuse to look at pretty girls and boys this morning..... enjoy!


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