Monday, 21 January 2013

What Are You Doing After This.....?

I'm not actually asking you what you're doing after reading this, obviously, and I'm not free anyway, but "What Are You Doing After This?" is actually the name of a new exhibition at London's Ivory&Black Soho which features the work of 17 young artists from NYC and L.A.

The theme of the exhibition is "friendship", which is pretty apt as all of the artists are actually friends, but this is the first time they have collaborated together to showcase their work across different disciplines including video, photography and sculpture. 

The 17 artists taking part are Jeff Potocar, Jason Dill, Neckface, Atiba Jefferson, Lele Saveri, Todd Jordan, Tino Razo, Leo Fitzpatrick, Alex Olson, Curtis Buchanan, William Strobeck, Meryl Smith, Chris Shonting, Jerry Hsu, Nina Long, Kevin “Spanky” Long and my favourite (purely on name alone), Fuck This Life.

The exhibition, which is in association with Vans Syndicate, opens on Feb 1st and will run until March 8th. Go see!


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