Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Silence Of Dogs In Cars x @TLBGallery

We've all seen it, the often bleak image of a dog, sat waiting patiently in a car for its owner to return (although hopefully not in the height of Summer) - and you can see the feeling of utter abandonment in their eyes, as they poke their little wet nose up against a window wondering if anyone will ever come back for them.

The experience is something artist Martin Usborne himself has felt (minus the wet nose), when he was left waiting in a car at a young age while his parents were in a supermarket - inspired by this childhood memory, he set out to document that fear of being left alone and 'The Silence of Dogs in Cars' was born - a series of photographs taken in a carefully planned studio setting which involved matching canines with cars. 

Now those photographs will be seen in a new exhibition coming to London's Little Black Gallery this Spring, where Usborne shows an affinity with the animals he's lensed, capturing their expressions and emotions, reflecting the sadness and dejection they often feel. 

Images © Martin Usborne, 2013

It promises to be a tear-jerker, especially if you're a dog owner like me, so maybe bring some tissues - and once you've blubbed your way through the show, you can buy the accompanying book, 'The Silence of Dogs in Cars', which was awarded ‘Best in Show’ in the Creative Review Photography Annual 2012.

The Silence of Dogs in Cars runs from March 19 to April 27 at The Little Black Gallery.


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