Friday, 4 January 2013

Send Stylish Hate Mail, Courtesy Of Mr. Bingo

Imagine if you wanted to send an offensive (but nicely illustrated) postcard to someone you think deserves hate mail? Well thanks to a stroke of genius by London-based illustrator Mr. Bingo, you can!
Via his "Hate Mail" postcard series, illustration's enfant terrible has been inviting strangers to order an offensive (but actually quite funny) postcard via his website in return for a £5 fee - that's a small price to pay for the pleasure of shocking and confusing your ex, former boss, neighbour, mother-in-law etc etc. So popular are his wicked words that Mr. Bingo has already attracted clients including New York Magazine, Esquire, The Washington Post, TIME, Soho House and TV shows The Mighty Boosh and QI. 
A book entitled "Hate Mail" was also published last year (available from Amazon HERE), featuring 100 of the best pieces he's sent out - and in this short film below by, the artist discusses 'wha gwaan' in his studio. 

Aside from his postcards, Mr. Bingo also creates and sells illustrations via his website, my personal fav being 'Chicks With Dicks' (it's not what you think) ..... disturbing and funny all at once, I want it on my wall right now!

Image © Mr. Bingo


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