Sunday, 13 January 2013

Petula Clark (Yes I Said Petula Clark): Cut Copy Me Remix

Remember when Cher yodelled into that voice-changer thingie for the song "Believe" and sounded like this? Well now "Downtown" singing legend Petula Clark has kind of done the same thing... only she doesn't sound as wobbly as Cher.

Petula's been pimped alongside some electro beats for new single "Cut Copy Me" in a remix by Belgian-born DJ Compuphonic, which reminds me a little of every Saint Etienne song I've ever heard and Scandi pop. The remix was included on the Petula EP which was released in France last year, and as my friend Sam says, "it's the kind of tune that'll make you sashay round your bedroom and then give good sugar to the camera on Instagram". 
His Sunday's are sooooo different to mine.

The original version of "Cut Copy Me" is available on Petula's new album "Lost In You" which is released by Sony Music UK on February 25th. (Sidenote: this LP marks her 35th UK release... and still she's not been made a Dame. Pfft).


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