Monday, 14 January 2013

Kitchen Party With Your GF's! - Destiny's Child "Nuclear"

So Kelly, Beyo and the other one, Michelle, AKA Destiny's Child, have unveiled their comeback single "Nuclear" (yaaaaaaaaaays!!!) – the band's first new material in 8 years, taken from their forthcoming album "Love Songs", which will include 14 mushy love-themed recordings spanning 1997 through to 2004 (pre-order it HERE).
And just in case you're too young to know who DC are (because they did exist before the days of Kelly's Europop DJ collabs and Beyo's House of Derriere), they were the multiplatinum-selling R&B hot sista's of the day in the late 1990s who wore matchy-matchy homemade outfits fashioned from the creative thought processes (and sewing box) of Beyo's Mama, which often involved military camo and gold jacquard - and they also made songs like this.

"Nuclear" is produced by Pharrell Williams and will be performed by the trio for the first time in public (along with a medley of greatest hits) during the Superbowl Halftime Show on February 3rd - the track is due for release on January 29th.
The song's a grower on me, but that urban-esque 90s bass line brings back memories (which can definitely wait where they are) of shoulder-dancing to Milli Vanilli, gold chain accessorising, Doc Martens with mis-matching laces, denim dungarees with one strap undone, spaghetti strap dresses over t-shirts, Custard Shop hats and baggy jeans worn with floral trimmed Wallabees.
Oh what am I saying, give me a cocktail (or 10) and I'll be grabbing my GF's, some chairs, and choreographing a dance routine in the kitchen before you can say my name....geddit?! 


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