Monday, 21 January 2013

First Look: Lana Del Rey x Mariano Vivanco for Numéro Tokyo #64

Grab your crucifix, rub some garlic bulbs around your neck and hide your Cox's (apples that is), because Lana Del Rey has sucked on a poisoned (and heavily polished) apple, and gone all Snow White meets Lolita (the fairest and baddest b*tch of them all) for the latest cover of Numéro Tokyo #64, the one where she seduces you with her eyes, but you can't take your eyes off that ridiculous bow in her hair.

There's an accompanying editorial coming soon too - I have no clue what that looks like, but I can call on my most fantasist thought processes (read: crazy), and we'll just pretend that it will feature Lana surrounded by the male cast of MTV's The Valleys, dressed in full costume as the taller (but slightly slower) dwarves, the one's all called Dopey. 

You know I adore Lana Del Lushness, but seriously, this cover just makes her look like she's actually about to fall into an apple-induced coma.


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