Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Acne Pre-Fall 2013

Swedish poet, author and artist August Strindberg has provided the inspiration behind Acne's pre-fall 2013 collection, most notably his self-portraits, seen by Acne's creative director Jonny Johansson in a recent exhibition, 'I like the idea of taking a strong image of a man to redefine a women’s wardrobe,' said Johansson. 
Strindberg was an eccentric with a strong personal style, and his character and work have inspired many elements of Sweden's cultural heritage.

Set against a Wintry Scandinavian backdrop - a theme seen in many of Strindberg's paintings which often focused on nature around his native Stockholm, such as the sea, rocks, and beaches - the collection takes the painter's highly emotive turn-of-the-century visuals and reworks them for the modern day as cape-like parka's, trousers suits, peacoats, A-line jackets, huge culottes, shearling and faux fur coats, cropped skinny trousers and asymmetric shirting - all with a feminine edge and the emphasis on an oversize silhouette. Some of the exaggerated proportions also come in print form, such as a lynx print suit and a white puffer with a delicate watercolour-esque floral print.

Right now, post the eating frenzy that is Christmas, I'm thinking anything oversize that hides ballooning is welcome.

Images © Acne, 2013


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