Saturday, 29 December 2012

Your Ears Are Safe: My Top 10 Songs of 2012... for FREE!

An online magazine (who shall remain nameless), sent me an email over the Christmas period and asked me to compile a list of my favourite choons of 2012 ('choons' being hipster-speak for 'music'). The magazine (who shall still remain nameless) wanted me to research and compile the list.... for FREE! Haha! Funny huh? No, not really. Even if they are quite an 'edgy' and 'cool' magazine.

So because I'm nice and things like that, I thought, yes, why not, I'll research and compile the list for FREE, but I'll post it on MY OWN WEBSITE rather than said non-paying magazine's website, and I'll take those page impressions instead thank you very much!! 

*So, the moral of this story is... I DON'T WORK FOR FREE! In fact, you should all expect to receive an invoice under your door for just looking at this post which took me all of 5 minutes to compile - I'm kidding of course, it took me 6 mins, and should I suddenly become desperate for traffic or people telling me 'J'adore your website / blog', I'll start slinking up to folk on social media platforms and panhandling for hits and invites to the opening of an envelope (N.B. I have better things to do with my time, like write pieces for print and online titles who pay me).

So without further ado, here is my very own 'Top 10' of the songs which pleasantly kicked me in the ear drums during 2012. These are the kind of tunes that should end up in everyone's iTunes playlist labelled "songs that don't make you cringe through an awkward mess of music" - and no, sorry, Adele didn't make the list with "Skyfall", the song that makes grown women choke on their tears as they sing along out loud in their car while parked in front of their ex's house.
The list is also sans Nicki Minaj because every time I hear her sing she just makes me want to choreograph a dance routine around an Ikea folding kitchen chair (it has to be an Ikea folding kitchen chair) while wearing a neon wig from 1990-something that I found in the back of my wardrobe (under the whistles and glo-sticks). 
And frankly nobody should engage in that type of behaviour (unless aided by copious amounts of vodka and your living room curtains are closed).

There are probably lots more songs in my 2012 archive too like HAIM's "Don't Save Me" and Jessie Ware's "Running", but I'm currently running on 4 hours of sleep and prosecco bubbles are powering whatever is left of my brain post-Christmas. So check out the selection below (thanks YouTube), all available via iTunes UK:

Sky Ferreira - Everything is Embarrassing

Goldroom (feat. Chela) - Fifteen

Washed Out - Straight Back

Faye - Water Against The Rocks

Raveonettes - She Owns The Streets

Liam Bailey - Please Love Me

Bloomfield - Love You

Latch (feat. Sam Smith) - Disclosure

Clean Bandit - A&E (Alexis Raphael Mix)

Pnau - Sad



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