Thursday, 13 December 2012

Toxic Is SO Last Season: Levi's Bans Toxic Fashion (@Greenpeace)

So Greenpeace launched a "Toxic Threads: Under Wraps" report on December 5th, accusing the world's largest denim retailer, Levi's, of polluting the environment by using hazardous chemicals in their supply chain. Then followed a campaign (supported by over 210,000 people across various social media platforms) calling for the brand to 'detox', which looked a little bit like this:

So now in the latest update, Greenpeace has issued an official press release announcing that Levi’s has finally caved in to global pressure (and people power) and agreed to ban its output of toxic fashion - and ensure transparency in its supply chain.

Now more than ever, we are seeing brands such as Levi’s listen to the groundswell of support for toxic-free fashion,” said Greenpeace Toxics Campaigner John Deans. “Now it’s time for other brands such as Calvin Klein, Gap, and Victoria’s Secret to follow Levi’s lead and end their toxic addiction. We’ll continue to expose brands until the use – and abuse – of hazardous substances is totally eliminated.”

As part of its commitment to be an eco-friendly brand, Levi’s will disclose pollution data from 15 of its largest suppliers by June 2013, followed by a further 25 by the end of 2013. This effectively means that anyone living close by the factories and facilities which the retailer uses to produce its denim, will be able to access information on the toxic water pollution into their local environment. Levis also promises to use alternatives to hazardous chemicals - a milestone in the way clothes are manufactured.

Greenpeace’s Detox campaign is attempting to make fashion brands commit to zero discharge of all hazardous chemicals by 2020 and for their suppliers to disclose all releases of toxic chemicals from their facilities to communities at the site of the water pollution.
Previously in the Detox/Toxic Threads campaign, Greenpeace took high street retailer Zara to task with a “Detox Zara” video in the style of a manga trailer called "Detox Fashion" (tagline: "Toxic is so last season." Watch it HERE.


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