Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Row x Damien Hirst

Images © Just One Eye, 2012

Those hot little fashion twins known as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have collaborated with artist Damien Hirst on a capsule collection of 9 bags for their brand The Row. 
Basically they've re-released those black patent leather croc backpacks they launched last season with a price tag of $39,000 (about £25,000), which sold out (no, really) - only this time round they come with Hirst's signature coloured spots and prescription pills, and a bigger price tag of $55,000. Apparently upping the price, and the fashion ante by partnering with Hirst, will benefit UNICEF, so that's alright then.

Commissioned by LA-based concept and art e-tailer Just One Eye, the collection of bags have also been signed by Hirst, so that makes them even more valuable and justifies the whopping cost. 

Just to put that price in perspective though, you could buy a 3-bed terrace house in Warrington (if you really wanted to live in Warrington that is) for the same cost as a rucksack with some spots on it. Exactly. Expect them to sell out though.


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