Monday, 17 December 2012

Ray Liotta x Oliver Peoples

I always had a soft spot for Ray Liotta back in his gangster Goodfellas days, bless his hotness.

So it's a shame that nowadays he looks like he's trying a little too hard to hold in the middle-aged-male spread (aka, big ole belly) and I find myself thinking, "Kate, are you sure this man who looks like he could do with more sit-ups and less spaghetti bolognese used to be THIS guy?!".
Anyhow, Oliver Peoples still thinks he's got 'IT', as the eyewear brand has tapped the actor to star in a new 2013 campaign video to celebrate their 25th anniversary, alongside model Bar Paly.

Shot in L.A. at Sony Pictures studios, the backing track is terrible, Ray and Bar walk quite a lot (in different directions) and oh, there's the new Oliver Peoples collection. Watch it below:


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