Monday, 10 December 2012

#OneToWatch He Met Her: Believe In Me

With names like Mowgli Moon & Rocky Chance, music duo He Met Her ('Her' is Rocky Chance and 'He' is Mowgli Moon) are the kind of downtown LA-based hipsters who have been on MTV's radar for a while. Now steadily breaking into the mainstream, their fusion of passion-filled electro-meets-indie pop has got everyone's pulses racing 
(think Friendly Fires, M83, Santigold and LCD Soundsystem). Combined with their model good looks, it's no surprise this uber-cool duo have already been featured in a Rankin shoot for ELLE magazine. 

After the release of 'Control' earlier this year, which was the kind of upbeat tune that makes you think of Summer partying, now comes their latest track 'Believe In Me', taken from the 'Crime Novela' EP.
It's a slow-electro jam that builds and makes you want to sing along to your iPod... out loud.... on the tube, which to be fair is not that uncommon in London if my short ride on the Northern Line today is anything to go by (not me, someone else, obv).

The accompanying video for 'Believe In Me' features the duo getting up to all sorts of mischief while wearing masks and a shower cap in public, and quite frankly anyone who wears a shower cap in public for fun (along with people who sing out loud on public transport) get my vote. Watch and enjoy below:  


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