Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Avoid The Same Dress Disaster With @HarveyNichols

We've all been there when you dress to impress for that all important party, and then someone else rocks up in exactly the same dress as you. AWKWARD!!

So in an amusing and tongue-in-cheek take on that familiar scenario, here is the new Christmas film from Harvey Nichols, directed by Ne-O, which is the follow-up to last year’s controversial but hilarious 'Walk of Shame' viral film (which I wrote about HERE).

‘Avoid A Same Dress Disaster‘ sees two women stealing each other's dress thunder, and what starts off as a 'how very dare you' glare, turns into a full on fashwan showdown with some sci-fi-esque "exterminate!" style eye lasers and there's even a cameo from Dastardly Derek, the office Chihauhau. A striking print Mary Katrantzou dress concludes the story with the line, “Avoid a same dress disaster this season. Harvey Nichols Womenswear.”

As Harvey Nichols' Group Press and Marketing Director, Julia Bowe says, "The 'Same Dress Disaster' is something that every woman can relate to; it's happened to the best of us, especially during the party season. In typical Harvey Nichols fashion, we wanted to have a bit of fun with this video and remind people that a potential disaster could be averted by taking the time to find a truly unique and beautiful dress in-store at Harvey Nichols.”

Watch the brilliant film below which had us all laughing in the office today, and you can also share your very own 'same dress disasters' via Harvey Nichols' twitter HERE.


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